I do not pray for success. I ask for faithfulness. ~ Mother Teresa

You are the medicine for your life…

Thank you for being here- in this life with me. I feel you as you play a particular and unique role in this collective story we are all telling together. Without you there would be one less fractal of color, one less ray of light feeding me- feeding everything. So, to you I bow for braving the descent Earthbound, to touch what every star in Heaven desires to touch and taste -Mother, honey, fire, water shaping itself around you and in you, drenching you in sensation, nourishment, pleasure, beauty. Breathing you as you breathe another moment alive.

I know these times are challenging, wild and unknown. It is within the shift of perception, from one of great fear to great opportunity, that you can begin to understand that your story is a key in this profound moment of evolution. That the dissolution of the stagnant status quo, as scary as it is, is the hand of Life- the Mother honey - coming in to show you a love you were forced to believe you lost, was stolen, is reserved for those other stories about life. How this story goes is, and has always been up to you. But to change a story you [must] begin to follow the language that has kept life growing and evolving since the first spark.

This is a space to write the stories together. To receive inspiration that brings your spirit alive.

The stories will be simple expressions that you don’t need a master’s degree to understand, and yet may contain language that requires an open heart to hear as it may speak from a different level than the mind. I will share anecdotal stories about my life and my observations in my work with clients in so many ways over the years as a “healer”, so there will be variety and I don’t have a “target audience” because life is wider than that.

When was the last time you sang? When was the last time you danced? When was the last time you sat in silence with yourself? When was the last time you told or heard a story that changed you? - Principles of Shamanic Healing

When you subscribe you support an authentic desire and dream in a woman’s soul to put words to the extraordinary path of the love wrapped inside the human journey.

As a paid subscriber you will receive the monthly announcements as well as access to the Q&A where you will receive the wisdom, reflections and direct transmissions my clients receive in full sessions and journeys with me. Essentially this an “ask Shira”, a little voice in your week to help inspire you to live fully at this transformative time and remember why it is you are here.

You will read the questions of others inquiring about the path, and grow a sense of belonging by the vulnerability you bring while witnessing the recognition of yourself in others.

I want to hear your heart, your stories, and reflect the wisdom in them so you can see yourself through a different, wider lens. I can imagine your stories inspiring what I will write about and share- co creating a journey together for this community.

There will be meditations. There may be songs. I hope there are songs. There will be videos and exclusive insights into my life and what I have absorbed through walking the path of the black sheep through life threatening addiction, sexuality, cult indoctrination, abuse, the decades long dark night of the soul and how it all shaped the love story I call my life. You will get glimpses of my memoir before anyone else and other things that will pour out along the way.

As an unpaid subscriber you will receive monthly insights and announcements about my offerings.

Your support births and supports more than you can know, but you what you feed feeds you back. And, your support seeds and feeds a dream, the dream and your dream because that is how it works- when one is lifted, it is a little easier for all to remember that everyone has wings.

I do not pray for success. I ask for faithfulness.” Mother Teresa

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