You are the medicine for your circumstance, not its victim.

If you are here I thank you for taking the time to stop by and drop behind the scenes of the woman whose voice is committed to expressing the beauty of this human life.

Her Many Faces is a journey in honoring all of my parts and pieces. Somedays the practitioner wants to speak, somedays the rebel teen. I strive to bring wholeness to the human journey by never shaming or withholding the stories that most would never tell. I write about the pain. The pleasure. The sex. The medicine journeys. The womb. The wound. The heartbreak and longing. The ache. The revelations. That there is no destination. That a whole life arrives in the daring to, striving to live at the center of the onion only to know that you will find a spiral staircase rather then a pedestal when you get there.

The essays and short stories are born from lived experience. There are these little themes woven throughout each that I have come to know as deep truths:

  • All things rise from and seek to love

  • The wound attracts the medicine

  • You are the medicine for your life

  • You are in the midst of a love story

I am a slightly neurodivergent, passionate, emotional, scattered, overexcited, sometimes exhausted, sad, intuitive, creative, psychic, deeply honest, sensual, vessel for life to find edges and expand them woman. I really think I was born with an extra heart and my brain can’t keep up with all that love trying to express and so it often gets called something its not -like depression. You too? What is trying to burst through?

I am invested in expression not grammatical perfection. You do not need a master’s degree to understand the things I say and they also may not be understood by the mind. I don’t have a “target audience” because life is wider than that. I am not seeking a good grade. Yet these words, like the rain, long to water something new and be seen by that part of you that could have written them yourself, in your own way.

What is your story? I really do want to know.

Thank you for being here- in this life with me. I feel you as you play a particular and unique role in this collective story we are all telling together. Without you there would be one less fractal of color, one less ray of light feeding me- feeding everything. So, to you I bow for braving the descent Earthbound, to touch what every star in Heaven desires to touch and taste -Mother, honey, fire, water shaping itself around you and in you, drenching you in sensation, nourishment, pleasure, beauty. Breathing you as you breathe another moment alive.

I know these times are challenging, wild and unknown. It is within the shift of perception, from one of great fear to great opportunity, that you can begin to understand that your story is a key in this profound moment of evolution.

When was the last time you sang? When was the last time you danced? When was the last time you sat in silence with yourself? When was the last time you told or heard a story that changed you? - Principles of Shamanic Healing

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Your support births and supports more than you can know, but you what you feed feeds you back. And, your support seeds and feeds a dream and when one is lifted, it is a little easier for all to remember that everyone has wings.

I do not pray for success. I ask for faithfulness.” Mother Teresa

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