Beautiful, Shira. I encourage you to submit this to professional journals and publications. This voice should be out there. ❤️

Loved so much, for example, "I know how deeply you want to feel, to be held by an all encompassing wisdom, to be taken over by something other than the confusion and guided in your heart. I know you want to feel it to know it is real because we are innately wired to seek and validate our own experiences in life and deeply trust our body and this Earth- and that has been taken from you and you want it back. I know. And, even though I am not supposed to want anything for you because that is projection. I want that for you. To feel pierced alive. To know your heart and therefore love in every cell of you body..."

Blessings on your work!

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Apr 18, 2022·edited Apr 18, 2022

Beautiful and oh so true❤️

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